08 JUL 2024

Pallavi Domah: “A privilege to be in!”


Holder of a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance from Curtin Mauritius, Pallavi Domah joined MCB’s Beyond Graduate Programme in November 2023. This 24 years old former Loreto College Curepipe student is utterly convinced the programme will help her develop a comprehensive understanding of banking operations. 

Pallavi, first and foremost, could you tell us what motivated you to join our Beyond Graduate Programme? 

MCB has an esteemed reputation in the financial industry and is known for its commitment to nurture young talent. That was enough to convince me. I perceive the structured rotations through multiple departments as a unique opportunity to gain experience and develop a comprehensive understanding of the banking environment. I was particularly drawn to the programme's emphasis on mentorship, professional development and the chance to contribute to a leading institution known for its innovation and client-centric approach. Joining this programme aligned perfectly with my career aspirations in finance and provided a solid foundation for future growth within the industry. 

Was the selection process up to your expectations?  

Definitely. It included multiple stages such as application screening, interviews, psychometrics test and assessments, thus ensuring a complete evaluation. While I initially felt nervous, especially given the time constraints during the assessment phase, I was glad to showcase my abilities under pressure. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience that tested me both academically and personally. It pushed me to highlight my academic knowledge but also my adaptability, problem-solving skills and analytical skills. Transparency and fairness were moreover key priorities. 

Would you say being part of this programme is a game-changer? 

Yeah, of course! It’s a privilege to be in! I benefited being mentored by experienced heads of departments. They provided guidance and insights, essential to navigate through the complexities of the banking sector. I also acquired an in-depth knowledge of banking techniques through structured learning modules and I’m now equipped with the practical skills necessary for wealth management, financial analysis and accounting fundamentals, amongst others. Further more, I believe I’m enhancing my communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills.  

What are your career’s plans as from now? 

This robust support framework not only accelerated my professional growth but also prepared me effectively for the challenges and opportunities within MCB. I am at a pivotal stage where I have not only gained valuable knowledge and hands-on experience but have also grown significantly as an individual. This programme has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the industry. Personally, I've developed a greater sense of adaptability, resilience and interpersonal effectiveness through interactions with senior leaders, experienced professionals and fellow trainees, thus expanding my network and gaining insights that will guide my career decisions. 

Up to now, what are the different departments you have been through?

Capital Markets, Private Wealth Management and Treasury. More to come. Each rotation has challenged me to adapt quickly, learn new skills and apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. It provided me with a well-rounded understanding of various facets of banking operations and honed my analytical abilities and decision-making skills through exposure to complex financial instruments and market dynamics.   

Do your future professional prospects align with MCB’s vision?  

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. My goal is to deepen my expertise through further studies, possibly pursuing certifications or obtaining a master’s degree in finance. As I progress in my career at MCB, I aim to contribute actively to the bank’s vision of innovation, customer service excellence and sustainable growth.  
MCB encourages continuous learning and development, which ensures that I remain current and competitive in the field. Whether through formal training programmes, certifications or informal learning opportunities, MCB supports my efforts to stay abreast of the industry trends and best practices. 

Learn more about the Beyond Graduate Programme here.

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