10 JUL 2024

Akhilesh Prayag : “I've learned the value of adaptability”


In the world of banking, opportunities abound for talented individuals to build fulfilling careers. One such avenue is MCB’s Beyond Graduate Programme. This 12-month internship is designed to nurture fresh graduates and, upon completion, offers them a position at MCB. Akhilesh Prayag, Beyond Graduate Trainee since November 2023, shares his experiences and insights into this transformative programme.

What motivated you to join the Beyond Graduate Programme?

I’ve always been fascinated by banking, and MCB was naturally at the top of my list. When I found out about the programme, the idea of being part of something that big was just too exciting to pass up!

What are your thoughts on the selection process?

It definitely wasn't a walk in the park, but it was fair. They assessed everything – academic background, technical skills, and communication style. What I appreciated most was that they gave everyone a chance to shine, regardless of their background. Sure, it was nerve-wracking, but looking back, it was worth the effort.

 What kind of support does the programme offer?

The support system is incredible. HR and department heads provide regular feedback and tailored training sessions; it’s like having a personalised coaching team. And my colleagues are fantastic! We've built a strong, collaborative network where we can share knowledge and celebrate each other's wins. It feels like having a second family at work.

How have you evolved since joining the programme?

I’ve gained so much confidence. The training opportunities have equipped me with new skills, and most importantly, helped me conquer my fear of public speaking. Public speaking? Me? You wouldn't believe it! But thanks to those "assertive communication" and "first impression" trainings, I'm stepping way outside my comfort zone.

Nine months in, how are you finding the programme and the work culture at MCB?

It's been incredible! Each rotation has broadened my view of banking, laying a strong foundation for my future roles at MCB. The work culture feels like a close-knit family. We celebrate all holidays together – Diwali, Eid, Christmas, you name it! (those Diwali cakes last year were simply amazing!) Even the trainings are fun and interactive. Roleplaying an angry customer once was surprisingly enjoyable too.

What are your future prospects, and how do these align with MCB's vision?

Looking ahead, I’m excited about contributing to MCB, especially in sectors like oil and gas. My goal is to excel in my role and live up to MCB’s motto of "Success Beyond Numbers," where they value personal growth and individuality just as much as professional achievements.

Any final words for graduates considering the MCB Beyond Graduate Programme?

If you're looking for an exciting and supportive environment to launch your career, this programme is definitely worth checking out. It's an ongoing adventure filled with learning, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences.

Learn more about the Beyond Graduate Programme here.


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