03 MAY 2024

MCB and Beau-Vallon Groups promote agro-ecology and community development

MCB and Beau-Vallon Groups announce the encouraging results of their joint project aimed at promoting agro-ecology in order to respond to the challenges of food and nutritional security in the Riche-en-Eau region.

Rs 7m invested
This initiative, which stems from the last SUNREF credit line, and led by the MCB Forward Foundation (MCBFF), resulted in the creation of an agro-ecological farm of two acres in Riche-en-Eau, required an investment of Rs 7m. The Beau Vallon Group made the plot of land used for this project available. This farm, managed by 12 Foundation employees under the supervision of a Farm Manager and an agro-ecology consultant, focuses on food and fruit production, housing an impressive variety of 27 plant species, including five fruit species as well as a diverse range of herbs and seasonal vegetables.

Ongoing commitment
This project reflects MCB's ongoing commitment to community and sustainable development in Mauritius, demonstrating how businesses can play a significant role in promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices, while strengthening food security and by stimulating the empowerment of local communities. In addition to being a place of agricultural production, the farm also serves as a training centre for MCBFF-supported NGOs, teaching ecological and organic farming practices.

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