18 APR 2024

Ecommerce: Partnership with Peach Payments for MCB Juice


Leading African payment gateway Peach Payments has partnered with Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) to introduce Mauritius’ pioneering mobile payment solution MCB Juice on ecommerce checkout, for its online merchants. 

The Head of Payments at MCB, Stephanie Ng Tseung, notes : “The digital world is changing rapidly, and it is incumbent upon us to adapt and meet the needs of our customers. MCB firmly believes that instant and mobile-based payments are key to truly empowering online businesses in Mauritius, and this partnership between Peach Payments and MCB to offer Juice as an online payment method marks an important step in the right direction. As we strive to continuously offer innovative and high-value solutions to our customers, it is essential for our pioneering mobile payment app to be present on key payment gateways that are trusted by our merchants and consumers alike.”

For his part, the Chief Operating Officer at Peach Payments, Sandeep Chagger, states: “As Mauritius’ first mobile payment app, Juice is synonymous with mobile money transfers and payments on the island. The partnership with MCB Juice lends a significant thrust to our pervasive efforts to improve digital payment adoption in Mauritius, in the safest and easiest manner possible. Integrating Juice on the Peach Payments’ checkout means that merchants in Mauritius can use our seamless and secure gateway to accept online payments using Juice.” 

Sandeep Chagger says businesses that offer MCB Juice as a payment method in their online stores through Peach Payments enjoy a range of benefits. Apart from increasing their appeal for Mauritian customers - who are showing a growing tendency towards non-cash payment options - businesses benefit from instant settlement of funds, get instant notifications of payments received, enjoy reduced transaction fees, and eliminate the risk of handling cash.

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