30 JAN 2024

The use of MCB Juice and cards on a solid uptrend


MCB customers made more than 7 million transactions via Juice and cards in December last, confirming their growing tendency to use non-cash products. Last year’s festive period, which includes transactions between 1st and 31st December 2023, clearly testifies that the adoption of cashlite has surged amongst the bank’s customers. 

They have, indeed, shown enthusiasm to use cards and Juice app for their relevant purchases in December last. With more than 7 million transactions, these payment methods increased by 20% among MCB customers between December 2022 and December 2023. This includes both in-store and online transactions, locally and internationally. Conversely, the usage of cash has declined by 3% during the same period. 

The peak of the purchases was noted on Saturday 23rd December, followed by 24th and 30th December. The bank's customers made the majority of their purchases in supermarkets, followed by clothing stores and retail dealers. 

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