30 JUN 2023

Pay+, payments simplified!


The MCB payments ecosystem is expanding. The bank has launched Pay+, targeting SMEs, which enables seamless and efficient cashless payments.

A press launch was held on Thursday, 29 June, hosted by Stéphanie Ng Tseung, Head of Payments - MCB, Dominic Provençal, Head of Business Banking - MCB, Fabrice Konan, Country Manager and Senior Director, VISA for the Indian Ocean islands and Djibouti and Florent Masson, CEO of Multiple Internet Payment System (MIPS).

Pay+ is a substitute for traditional payment terminals (OTP) used in various businesses (stores, supermarkets, etc.) and has the particularity of being easy to carry and wireless. This payment solution, developed in collaboration with MIPS, stands out for its ease of use for merchants and customers and accepts all payment solutions currently existing in Mauritius.

With a mobile-like design, the device aims at SMEs and more prominent companies that require mobile payment units by the nature of their business.

Customers can pay through a dynamic QR code (which already contains the amount to be paid) or by using a debit or credit card.

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