17 APR 2023

ICONEBENE 1: Back to the future (of building)


The ICONEBENE 1 building, Lincoln Realty group’s latest flagship, lives up to its name. With its modern wire-mesh facades and cascading gardens, this elegant eight-storey office building is unlikely to go unnoticed in the Ebene cityscape.

Beneath its organic appearance, ICONEBENE 1 has equally interesting ecological features. The building adheres to the principles of sustainable construction, allowing considerable water and energy savings, a prerequisite in the fight against the climate crisis.
A special plaque was unveiled in the building’s atrium to highlight the green technologies used by this building, financed by MCB through the SUNREF Mauritius program. 
According to Xavier Bathfield, Head of Mauritian and Regional Corporates at MCB, this project "perfectly illustrates that beautiful things can come to fruition from a concerted synergy between several partners, who have, in their DNA, the desire to work sustainably for the country."

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