12 FEB 2024

Smart Approve on IB Pro: when security meets efficacy


MCB IB Pro is the online banking platform tailored for organisations and professionals. Thanks to Smart Approve, its mobile second-factor authentication application, transactions have never been so secure and accessible. Here are the 5 highlights of this app that will change your online banking experience:

User-friendliness is mandatory

Developed to suit both the simplest and the most complex accounting processes, IB Pro allows Basic users to initiate transactions, while only registered Signatories can authorise a transaction on Smart Approve. 

The registration process was designed with security in mind

The organisation’s signatories download the Smart Approve application and enter their IB Pro credentials, while selecting an authentication method: the MPIN or Biometric data. To confirm their registration, Signatories receive a One-time Password on the phone number registered with MCB that acknowledges the identity of the signatory.

Swift transactions that are also remote-work-ready

With such a solid and secure structure, payment orders are easily shared between Basic Users and Signatories. Smart Approve’s “Approval” tab allows for seamless tracking of requests, as all initiated transactions are queued, and ready to be approved or rejected by the Signatory (or Signatories).

Bulk approvals make the Signatories’ job even easier

Tick the boxes of all transactions requiring your approval and authorise them in a single go with your MPin. This may save Signatories some precious time in busy periods.

Complete logs for utmost traceability

Transparency is Smart Approve’s top feature. Detailed logs provide total visibility on who approved a transaction, and at what time; whilst also recording rejected transactions with a justification.

Tap into the tremendous opportunities Smart Approve offers and make the most of your online banking platform.

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