23 JAN 2024

IB Pro: simplified procedures powered by the omni-channel platform.


Discover MCB’ omni-channel platform which allows for easier transactions and great self-service features such as password retrieval.

How much time does it take for changes to be processed between over-the-counter operations and IB Pro, or vice-versa, you may wonder? Thanks to a single database, all data changes entered to the system are instantly updated to the Omni Channel platform which currently host Juice and Juice Pro. All users and signatories are registered on the centralised platform, guaranteeing a single source of truth for all signatories.

In order to centralise data for smoother operations, the Bank has partnered with Backbase, the pioneers of Engagement Banking. The support of this leading firm in terms of online banking powered the launch of the Omni Channel digital banking platform, guaranteeing a seamless experience for IB Pro users.

What does this mean for you?

Backbase is the central point, hosting IB Pro, Juice for individual customers and Juice Pro for business banking customers.

  • With all digital channels and segments on this single server, Omni channel ensures a consistent and seamless customer experience across portals.
  • Systematized services mean our personnel dedicates less time to repetitive tasks and more focus on customer experience, placing your unique needs at the heart of their work.
  • The Omni Channel platform allows all features to be compatible and deployable across channels.
  • A unified customer experience emerges, across all channels and devices, including new features and system upgrades.


Eager to connect and experience the perks of a seamless online baking experience? Sign up for IB Pro now, or contact an advisor for further information.



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