05 MAY 2017

Sky’s the limit for Team MCB


The elite of Mauritian cyclists (Mountain Bike and Road Cycling), now regrouped under Team MCB, gets ready to reach new heights. Members of the team will be representing Mauritius at all regional and International championships and will be helped in this effort by sustained supervision and ongoing support.

A brand new jersey launched today, marks the genesis of Team MCB as Mauritius’s national cycling team (Mountain Bike and Road Cycling) exchange their old sportswear for the new design that reflects the team’s ambition; excellence as standard. The elite group will wear their brand new jersey designed by MCB’s own Didier Ng and Marc Randabel for the very first time next week as they compete in the African Continental Mountain Bike Championship, to be held from the 9th to the 14th of May in Bel Ombre. 

The team’s composition will change depending on the performance of members. As the team that will represent the country in all regional and African championships, Team MCB has to be an elite team for which only the country’s best cyclists qualify; the most promising ones will be identified in collaboration with the Fédération Mauricienne de Cyclisme.

The next sports events awaiting Team MCB are the Tour de la Réunion in August 2017, the Tour de Maurice in September, the Tour des Seychelles in October, the Commonwealth Games in February 2018 as well as the African Continental Road Cycling Championship, also in February 2018.

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