05 DEC 2023

Proparco and DEG strengthen their partnership with MCB, in favour of climate finance in Mauritius


To support the scaling of climate finance in Mauritius, Proparco and DEG announced a new partnership with The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB) to support the bank in expanding its climate finance offering in Mauritius and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Proparco and DEG will provide MCB with a loan of up to USD120 million to support the bank in its ambition to unlock further opportunities to finance climate mitigation, adaptation and climate resilient measures. This new investment continues the success of the AFD Group’s SUNREF lending programme, which has been active in Mauritius since 2009. This transaction also marks the fourth joint operation between Proparco, DEG and MCB, which is testimony to the long-standing relationship between these institutions. 

The largest bank in Mauritius, and growing regional player, MCB has notably embarked on an ambitious sustainability and climate journey over the last few years. This journey includes the development of a dedicated governance structure to improve sustainable outcomes, and a transition workforce to mainstream climate-risk analysis and reinforce the bank’s sustainable and climate financing offer for local, regional and international players in Mauritius and Africa. A key focus for MCB is to grow its presence in the energy and infrastructure sectors, guided by its approach to responsibly finance affordable energy while helping economies transition to cleaner solutions. 

This new investment by Proparco and DEG (USD 60 million each) is testament to the trust placed on MCB, and its active role in supporting Mauritius and the African continent’s transition to low-carbon, resource-efficient and climate-resilient economies. Furthermore, MCB remains strongly committed to advancing gender equality and workplace diversity. With more than 50% of employees being women, and demonstrated commitment to improve women representation at middle and senior management, this project will qualify for the 2X challenge initiative.

SUNREF is the Green finance programme of the AFD Group, which provides solutions to promote the renewable energy and environmental transition of private players. Since 2009, AFD has been supporting Mauritius in its transition to a green and climate-resilient economy, notably through three successive SUNREF programmes, with total credit commitments of over EUR 175 million. 

Alain Law Min, Chief Executive Officer, MCB Ltd: “MCB and AFD Group have a long standing relationship since 2009 through MCB’s active participation in the successive SUNREF lines I, II and III, and important lines of credit from Proparco alongside DEG. The first one, amounting to EUR75m was provided to MCB in 2011 and was repaid in October 2019, followed by another USD150m in 2018 which will be fully repaid in October 2030, a third line of credit of USD65m negotiated during the pandemic in 2020 and has been fully repaid in November 2023. Today, this facility of USD120m with a tenor of 10 years consolidates our relationship further. 
This line of credit will finance climate projects in Mauritius, in the Sub-Saharan and Indian Ocean regions, in line with our sustainable development agenda and ‘Success Beyond Numbers’ strategy. Our partnership with AFD Group is anchored on the alignment of our respective strategies, notably since the AFD Group is an active proponent in Mauritius and in the region, for the promotion of sustainable development, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, preservation of biodiversity and gender equality. The successful closing of this facility reflects the confidence placed by Proparco and DEG in MCB’s strategy, its investment grade ratings and its growth potential.”
Steven Gardon, Regional Director - Southern Africa and Indian Ocean at Proparco welcomed the signature of the agreement saying that ”Proparco is pleased to be renewing its partnership with MCB, and specifically supporting the Bank in its climate journey.  This project is fully aligned with AFD Group’s ambitious climate strategy, and further illustrates Proparco’s strong commitment to Mauritius and the region.”
Michael Fischer, Director Financial Institutions Africa at DEG is very happy to continue this important partnership with MCB as a leading financial institution in Mauritius and Sub-Saharan Africa: “This Climate Facility will be an important contribution to Mauritius in achieving its goals towards climate neutrality and is perfectly aligned with DEG’s climate and impact strategy.”

The project is expected contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals SDG 5 (“achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”), SDG 7 (“Clean and Affordable Energy”), SDG 8 (Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all) and SDG 13 (“Climate Action”).

Media Contact: Galla Belaïsch / [email protected]

MCB Media Contact: Gilles Martial / [email protected]

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