14 DEC 2023

Private Wealth Management: The people behind the growth


Is there a golden formula to succeed at Wealth Management? We believe there is. People remain the most important component in a universe of numbers and patterns. At MCB Private Wealth Management, we find that the best vector of performance is our passionate team of professionals. In fact, we owe them our title of “Best Private Bank Award of 2023”.

Discover this fast-paced field of expertise through its protagonists and M’s offer of individualised Wealth Management experience. 

A field of expertise in its own right

What are the qualities needed from Private Wealth Management professionals? On one hand, a clear passion for financial markets and networking to know the right product and make the right connections. On the other, the technical ability to analyse new flows and their impact on portfolios, to react accordingly and to provide reliable support.

The specificity of Private Wealth Management, however, remains the importance of communication. At MCB Private Wealth Management, our experts value the individual knowledge of every client, their unique background and goals. 

This allows them to adapt to the client’s expectations and provide the required advice based on their client’s investment savviness, goals, and risk appetite. As such, they are able to act as insightful advisors to financial mavens and accompany those who are new to financial markets to help them develop an affinity with the matter.

Indeed, Wealth Management is a fast-paced and ever-changing segment that requires curiosity and flexibility. This field is influenced by both global and local contexts. As geopolitics, economics and markets swing, they affect regulators and corporations alike. Staying abreast of such trends and evolutions is key to decision-making and issuing valuable and sound advice. The MCB Private Wealth Management team, therefore, nurtures their natural acuity to be a trustworthy advisor to their clients.

When asked, they tend to say that the most rewarding aspect of their job is its permanence. In this particular segment, long-lasting relationships are built with clients over time. For instance, Vanessa Lai Min, Manager of Investment Products & Services, has been accompanying some clients for over a decade. She has now started to work with her clients’ successors from the new generation. Seeing families grow and blossom is the ultimate source of satisfaction, as the MCB Private Wealth Management team sees long-term projects and tailored advice come to fruition.

Vanessa Lai Min, Manager of Investment Products & Services


M’s Wealth Management services: Top-tier, tailored solutions

At M, every client matters. Whether they choose to be involved in every decision or prefer leaving it to investment professionals, M’s range of offers aims to match the client’s expectations.

Discretionary Portfolio Management allows clients to set their investment parameters and entrust their portfolios to seasoned portfolio managers. M’s wealth managers’ solid track record and strong client base enable them to manage portfolios on both the Mauritius and international markets.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management allows clients who are well-versed in financial markets to keep a handle on their portfolios whilst remaining under the guidance of investment advisors.

The Fund selector assesses investment products available on the market and assists clients on-demand as they seek assistance from relationship managers on investment matters.

Last but not least, M is actively enhancing its wealth planning service to make financial planning the stepping-stone of its assistance. This spans from asset allocation, asset management, and fiscal guidance to estate planning.

These extensive services are long-term solutions that complement various short and medium-term banking facilities. Indeed, M’s specialised financing solutions range from personal loans to high-end residential mortgages, Lombard loans, and leasing solutions. The offer is completed by taking everyday banking services the extra mile. Therefore, M clients also have access to bank accounts, cards such as Mastercard, American Express, and Union Pay credit cards, online banking, and 24/7 concierge assistance with finer banking services.

“Money talks, but wealth whispers”. Our experts know and stand guided by this fundamental rule of efficient financial planning. This knowledge constantly guides their discreet and laser-focused approach to wealth management.

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