06 DEC 2023

Pioneering sustainable progress in Mauritius through collaborative partnerships


For more than 180 years, MCB has played a crucial role in promoting economic and social prosperity throughout Mauritius. We could not have achieved this without a strong commitment to partnering with all sectors of society to accelerate progress. 

As we face a growing set of systemic social, economic, environmental and geopolitical challenges, the need for high-impact, multi-party partnerships is more pronounced than ever. We cannot take an incremental or siloed approach to these challenges. Instead, we need comprehensive and inclusive actions.

Partnerships are essential to deliver on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the associated Sustainable Development Goals, which emphasise the value of cross-sectoral collaboration and cooperation. Global disruptions and concurrent crises, such as the long recovery from the pandemic, high inflation and the war in Ukraine, have slowed progress against these crucial goals.

As Mauritius’ oldest and largest banking institution and an increasingly well-known regional player, we can play a key role in rallying stakeholders to work collectively towards creating new and sustainable business models that are able to better manage the complex societal and environmental issues affecting our customers and communities.

Only by working together will we be able to secure progress and construct resilient strategies that reduce inequality and spur economic growth while tackling climate change. I am proud that this year, together with our stakeholders, we moved from commitment to action, and I look forward to progressing together on this journey in the years ahead.

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Vanessa Doger de Spéville 
Head of Sustainability, Reputation and Engagement

Since joining MCB in 2004, Vanessa Doger de Spéville has been a driving force behind our communication strategies. Having transitioned from the role of Head of Communication, she now spearheads our Sustainability, Reputation, and Engagement initiatives, continuing MCB Group's commitment to responsible business practices.

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