23 MAY 2016

MCB supports social crowdfunding


Every step counts when it comes to helping the community, especially at a time when NGOs and charities are finding it hard to implement their projects. Enter Small Step Matters, an online social crowdfunding platform designed to allow individuals to contribute to causes that appeal to them while giving a helping hand to organisations on the ground.

MCB Group has teamed up with GML Management, iSpy 360 °, GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse and Beyond Communications to launch this initiative.

Already live, smallstepmatters.org allows anyone to donate money or their time to a project that will have a meaningful positive impact on society or the environment. While democratizing donations to such projects, the platform will also serve as a showcase for project promoters in Mauritius. The rationale behind Small Step Matters is that the combination of a large number of people investing small amounts will allow project promoters to find the funds required to achieve their goals and enhance the local community.

For more information, please visit smallstepmatters.org

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