05 OCT 2023

MCB scoops two more Euromoney awards


MCB received the ”Best Bank for Digital” and 'Best Corporate Bank for Mauritius awards from the prestigious Euromoney magazine as part of its 'Awards for Excellence.' The announcement was made on Friday, September 29. The bank was also awarded the title of Best Bank in Mauritius from Euromoney last July. 

Regarding the 'Best Bank for Digital Solutions' in Mauritius award, Euromoney explains that the bank has enhanced MCB Juice with new features for home loan applications and QR codes. For Juice Pro, targeting entrepreneurs, Euromoney highlighted that new features that have been added contributed to a 25% increase in subscribers. Among those new features are a full range of payment and transfer options, increased security, and centralised access to account statements.

For the “Best Corporate Bank” in Mauritius award, Euromoney pointed out that the MCB strengthened its positioning as the largest bank for the corporate segment in Mauritius by displaying solid performances and participating in essential transactions in the region. Euromoney also highlighted that MCB's market share for loans and advances is around 45% among businesses in Mauritius. 

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