08 MAY 2019

MCB partners with Mauritian Wildlife to protect the biodiversity of Mauritius


To set up a meaningful partnership. This is the gist of the partnership between MCB and Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (Mauritian Wildlife). This partnership, which also brings in the participation of MCB customers, was officially unveiled today.

Further to the launch of its new Corporate Sustainability motto last November, MCB gets involved in five Mauritian Wildlife programs, which will be financed for a total of Rs 15 million over a period of three years. These programs aim at protecting four endemic species that are currently under threat of extinction, mainly the Echo Parakeet (Grosse câteau verte), the Pink Pigeon (Pigeon des Mares), Gûnther’s gecko (le Gecko de Günther) and the Round Island Boa (le boa de l’île Ronde). Additionally, MCB will also fund a program aiming at protecting the islets situated around Mauritius and, in so doing, promote ecotourism. Such islets are : île de la Passe, l’île aux Fouquets and îlot Gabriel. 

In this respect, Mauritian Wildlife has set up an innovative training program for skippers and pleasure craft owners in order to sensitise them on the need to protect and preserve our biodiversity. So far, 103 skippers, 91 fishermen, 77 National Coast Guard (NCG) officers and 56 private boat owners in the south-east of the island have followed the program. With MCB’s financial help, Mauritian Wildlife will be able to extend this training program to other parts of Mauritius. 

Getting our customers involved 
Our partnership with Mauritian Wildlife also involves our customers. As from 11 May, which marks the world day for endangered species, for each transaction at a point of sales with an MCB debit card, we will contribute 10 cents to a special fund set up for environmental protection. In the wake of our commitment in favour of the protection of biodiversity, MCB also intends to replace its actual plastic cards by new ones made from corn as from September this year. Our younger clients, who are potentially the best agents of change, have not been forgotten either. Through their Rupys account, those aged between 0 and 17 years old will be able to visit île aux Aigrettes with people from Mauritian Wildlife and discover endemic species of Mauritius, which are unique to the world and get to better understand their role in our ecosystem. 

Multiple actions 
Our implication in favour of the environment is nothing new. In fact, MCB supports various initiatives in Mauritius and Rodrigues. We have already committed to support the refurbishment of one hectare of forest at Ebony Forest, a natural reserve promoting indigenous species of trees. We have also funded eco-kits for schoolchildren visiting Ebony Forest and a pedagogic movie. MCB is also a staunch supporter of Mission Verte for recycling and upcycling initiatives and the Giant Tortoise Reserve and François Leguat Grottos in Rodrigues.

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