20 MAR 2023

MCB enhances its Internet Banking platform


MCB is currently revamping its Internet Banking platform for its non-individual customers.

Migration to the new platform, called Internet Banking Pro, started in January and is expected to be completed within six months.

This comes after a testing phase that began in 2020, during which feedback was gathered from some 20 customers who have used the new platform concurrently with the current one.

The response one month into the migration is very encouraging, says Sanjeev Hazareesing, MCB’s Head of Global Transaction Banking, who confirms that no major issues have been encountered as clients progressively migrate to the new Internet Banking Pro platform.

With its new interface and intuitive navigation, Internet Banking Pro is set to simplify and enhance the client experience. The existing Internet Banking platform was created some 15 years ago – an eternity as far as technology is concerned. On top of the need for a revamp, MCB decided that an alignment in client experience across all channels was needed. The new Internet Banking Pro will look and feel familiar to Juice and JuicePro users in terms of design and navigation. Some new features, like unlocking and resetting passwords by the customers at their convenience, graphs and the option to tag accounts as favourites, are currently available in the new version, and new features will be added progressively.

The new Internet Banking platform comes with another change for enhanced security; the physical and soft tokens give way to SmartApprove, a mobile app that becomes the only ‘second-factor’ approval tool to use on Internet Banking Pro, making the approval experience of signatory users seamless and more efficient.

The progressive migration means that while some clients will be using Internet Banking Pro, others will still be on the current one until the migration is complete. This, say the platform’s developers, ensures that any technical issue that crops up is rectified on the spot. “Internet Banking is an essential work tool for companies, and they can’t afford for it not to work!” Lovin Tiagarassa Pillay, leading the team of developers, explains the rationale behind the progressive migration. We migrate a batch of customers and give ourselves about two weeks to gauge how the new system is performing. Once we’re happy it’s responding as it should, we’ll ramp up the process and add more clients.

“Internet Banking Pro and SmartApprove will be continuously enhanced with new attractive features. These ongoing developments show our commitment to continuously level up our customers’ digital banking experience”, Sanjeev Hazareesing says.


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