25 SEP 2023

MCB Consulting hosts second Club des Dirigeants conference in Mauritius


MCB Consulting, a subsidiary of MCB Group, is hosting the Club des Dirigeants for the second time in Mauritius. This conference, scheduled from October 2-4, 2023, aims to accelerate the emergence of Pan-African banking champions. It will gather approximately 40 delegates from 16 African countries to discuss various initiatives, including stimulating investments, strengthening regulations, developing talent, fostering regional collaboration, integrating technology and innovation, and expanding access to financial services.

Jean-Michel Félix, CEO of MCB Consulting, emphasises the significance of this event in promoting collaboration and innovation within the African banking sector. The Club des Dirigeants, a non-profit association, brings together top executives from African banks and is dedicated to meeting their information and training needs.

The conference will feature international speakers addressing technological trends, human capital, data protection, lessons for pan-African banking growth, and operational efficiency.

Alain Le Noir, Honorary President of the Club, will also attend, expressing confidence that the event will be enriching and contribute to Africa's position in the global financial arena.

Established in 2014, MCB Consulting is an international management consulting company headquartered in Mauritius. MCB Consulting is committed to driving change and innovation in Africa's banking sector, working with local and international partners to create a more inclusive and prosperous financial future for all Africans.

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