11 AUG 2023

InterTen Cup: The Legend team strikes 3!

The Legend Golf Course team won the fifth edition of the InterTen Cup, which was held on Thursday 10th August, at Heritage Golf Course in Bel Ombre.

This was Legend's third victory at this annual competition organised by MCB and targeting players from 11 golf clubs across the country.
The four Legend golfers won the ‘gross’ competition with a score of 74, while Tamarina players won the ‘net’ one with a score of 89. The Links team took the second place, while the third one was awarded to the Paradise team.
The main objective of this competition is to bring together and in the limelight the enthusiasts of the different golf clubs; green keepers, caddies, caddy masters, or even the managers of the Golf Courses. MCB, through this competition, intends not only to promote golf but also to value those who are pivotal for the smooth running of this sport throughout the greens of the country.

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