20 MAY 2024

How the Global Trade Portal empowers your expansion

  • The Global Trade Portal brings all the complex trade data you need into one easily accessible location.
  • It simplifies navigating the world of international trade by putting information at your fingertips with respect to your specific product.
  • The portal goes beyond information by empowering users to identify the best international trade opportunities worldwide, find counterparts, facilitate trade operations and much more.

In today's connected world, taking your business global opens up exciting growth possibilities. Yet, international trade can be complex to navigate. That's where the Global Trade Portal comes in as your essential platform for expansion. With over 1 million potential importers, the portal connects you with trade partners worldwide. Explore new markets with detailed country profiles, identify trending sectors, and access resources to understand import and export regulations.

As an African bank, we deliberately foster African trade opportunities and we wish to promote greater inter-african trade.  The trade portal provides you with the potential to trade (buying or selling) with African corporates in view to diversify your business model.  Also, it generated sustainable action in terms of jobs creation and helping our continent to prosper.

Explore the portalicon

Customers love the convenience of the portal. "The Global Trade Portal allows you to have everything in one place," says Mehul Bhatt, Managing Director of Velogic East Africa. "It puts trade data at your fingertips, making it easy to navigate the world of international trade."

But this isn't just about information. The portal empowers you to take action. Imagine connecting with a potential buyer in a booming new market, or attending a trade show that aligns perfectly with your products. The Global Trade Portal helps you find these opportunities and build your international network.



When it comes to rules and regulations, the Portal is your go-to resource. It provides essential information to help you navigate global compliance effortlessly. From understanding import and export controls to ensuring you have the right shipping documents, the portal simplifies complex regulatory processes. 

Taking it a Step Further

While the portal empowers you with information, our Global Trade Solutions team is here to guide you further. We offer Supply Chain Finance solutions to mitigate risks and improve your cash flow, allowing you to seize opportunities and navigate challenges. Additionally, we incorporate sustainability considerations into our analysis, supporting your commitment to responsible growth and to promote the African Trade.


Arnaud Levasseur
Team Leader - Global Trade Solutions, MCB


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