05 JUL 2021

Hop in, opt in!


These past years, you have been invited, as a shareholder and noteholder of MCB Group, to turn the page by choosing to ‘opt in’ for the soft copy and ‘opt out’ from receiving the hard copy of our annual report.

This initiative is even more relevant today as recent events have brought to the forefront the importance of preserving our fragile ecosystem.

Since our campaign launched in 2017, 6,650 investors have chosen to go paperless and to receive only a soft copy of our annual report. This has enabled us to save 7 tons of paper, thus preserving around 360 trees. However, we need to keep up our efforts as some 18 tons of paper are still needed to print the reports. Let’s keep this momentum going together.

At MCB, we believe that success is not just about financials and that sustainability goes beyond numbers. Change is possible with the support of everyone and also through everyday actions.

All you need to do is to download and fill out the Consent Form, and send it back to us at the following address:

MCB Registry & Securities Ltd.
Ground Floor - Raymond Lamusse Building
Sir William Newton Street
Port Louis
Republic of Mauritius

For more information, please call us on 202 6060.

Hop in, opt in and let's be agents of change!


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