23 JAN 2023

GreenYellow and MCB complete financing for major solar power plant in Mauritius


GreenYellow, an expert in solar photovoltaic production, and MCB have concluded a transaction worth Rs 350M to finance a future solar photovoltaic power plant in Arsenal, located about 10km north of the capital Port Louis.

With this partnership, GreenYellow and MCB have the common ambition to accelerate the energy transition of Mauritius by supporting the objectives of the Mauritian government, led by the Central Electricity Board (CEB), in its programme to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels. 
As the leader in photovoltaic production in the Indian Ocean region with more than 100 MWp installed, GreenYellow is strengthening its presence in Mauritius by becoming one of the key contributors to the objectives of green energy production in the Mauritian energy mix, which should reach 60% by 2030. 
With this new solar power plant, more than 20 GWh of green energy will be produced each year to power more than 4,500 Mauritian homes. The new facility, which will be commissioned during 2023, will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in Mauritius, avoiding the emission of more than 13,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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