28 JUL 2023

Empowering business growth: MCB's inaugural GIC Business Series


In our endeavour to leverage our expertise and experience for the benefit of our stakeholders and to deliver value to our clients and partners across Africa and beyond, we recently hosted our inaugural Global & International Corporates Business Series on 26th July 2023, around the central theme of “Treasury Management Solutions as an enabler for business growth.”

Attendees included Management Companies, legal and financial advisors, international corporates with offices in Mauritius, and local companies that have achieved international expansion. The gathering aimed to foster insightful discussions focused on effectively addressing client needs and provided an opportunity to reflect on the strength and significance of our partnerships and our shared commitment towards building a thriving global business destination.

The Power of Effective Treasury Management

At the heart of the event was an engaging and interactive panel discussion moderated by Richard Arlove, Founder and Managing Director of Arphilia Consulting. Panelists included industry leaders such as Joel Cavaillé, CEO of Atiko Group; Sanjeev Gupta, Head of Treasury at TerraPay; Rajeev Mohan, President and Head of Treasury and Global Markets at Kotak Mahindra Bank; and Parikshat Tulsidas, Head of Financial Markets at MCB.

The spotlight shone on the significance of “Effective Treasury” in modern business management. The discussion highlighted how optimising treasury management can profoundly impact an organisation’s financial performance, fortify its resilience against diverse risks, and successfully execute growth initiatives to create more enterprise value.

Strengthening Client Relationships and Driving Growth

The central thrust of the event revolved around two key objectives: strengthening client relationships and propelling growth. With a keen focus on fostering networking opportunities, we sought to gain invaluable insights into effectively supporting global business companies, whether those already established in Mauritius or those contemplating operations in the region.

In perfect harmony with MCB’s Global and International Corporates strategy, our mission is to expand our international footprint and play a decisive role in elevating Mauritius to an even more prominent status as a flourishing International Financial Centre. By embracing this strategic direction, we aspire to significantly contribute to the prosperity and advancement of businesses operating on the global stage.

This gathering represents an excellent opportunity to get to know more about how together MCB can accompany the global business companies already in Mauritius or planning to operate from Mauritius to serve our customers better, identify solutions to our client’s needs, promote Mauritius as an IFC of choice and attract new players and partners in the Mauritius IFC. – Jean Michel Ng Tseung, Chief Executive, MCB Group

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