16 JUN 2023

Deba Klima: When students set the tone!


Raising awareness and integrating Mauritian youth in the fight against climate change is paramount. With this in mind, MCB has launched the Deba Klima in partnership with the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre and with the collaboration of Dr. François Gemenne, a specialist in environmental geopolitics and migration issues.

This competition dedicated to college students will be broadcast on MBC2 and MBC Sat starting Monday, 19 June, around 8:30 pm.

About fifteen themes

Participants are expected to conduct research and debate a topic related to climate change in Kreol to enable as many people as possible to understand the challenges of climate change. Following a draw, two colleges will face each other on the same theme focused on sustainable development; one in favour and the other against a specific theme.


Through the Deba Klima in Kreol, Mauritians will be able to understand better the challenges facing the country and the planet. Viewers will be able to follow the students from this Monday, 19 June on MBC2 and MBC Sat. Users will also be able to discover content related to Deba Klima on MCB Group's Facebook page. The quarterfinals will be broadcast on 26, the semi-finals on July 33, and the grand finale on Monday, July 1010.

An Eco-discovery trip to Rodrigues island

The big winners of the Deba Klima, three students and one teacher, will be entitled to an eco-discovery trip to Rodrigues during the school holidays from 17 to 20 July. Members of the winning team will each pocket Rs 30,000 vouchers, and their teacher will win a Rs 6,000 voucher. The runner-up team will receive Rs 15,000 per student, while the semi-finalists will receive Rs 8,000, respectively.

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