17 MAY 2018

Children’s Day 2018: MCB finances the very first FMS at Jamaluddin School


Male, 10th May 2018: Today marks the launch of the very first Frequency Modulation System (FMS) at Jamaluddin School. The FMS has been funded by MCB.

The FMS will prove of utmost help to hearing impaired children and will allow them to connect to different channels according to their hearing frequency. This happening is even more symbolical, as MCB celebrates its 10th anniversary in Maldives; its operations were launched on 4th May 2008.

A caring bank
Commemorating Children’s day by helping children develop is in MCB’s DNA. One of the duties of a caring bank is also to give back to the community. And doing so on the occasion of Children’s Day is highly meaningful for MCB. Participating at the Children’s Day celebrations is also a way to say that we are keen in doing our best to make children’s lives better, especially those with special needs.

Désiré Léo, Managing Director, MCB: “We at MCB, understand the many challenges in providing holistic and quality education to children with special needs. We believe that, irrespective of any disability, all children have equal rights to education, which is a fundamental right and a gateway to upward social mobility. We hope that our contribution to the school will help these children shine even brighter, reach their education goals and ultimately, fulfil their dreams in life.”

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