14 OCT 2020

Catch AFT's replay


This year, our annual meeting of African bankers, Africa Forward Together (AFT), has gone digital.

This 11th edition of AFT themed “Building Resilience Together” is built around 4 webinars and leverages our network as a platform to share collective experience and guide banks’ efforts for the New Normal in the post-COVID-19 world. AFT 2020 hosts various speakers including Jean-Louis Menann-Kouame, CEO of Orange Bank Africa and Patrick Roussel, Executive Vice President - Orange Money and Orange Bank Africa.

Watch the full replay of the webinars below.

Webinar 1: AFT 2020 - Building Resilience Together

Webinar 2: AFT 2020 - A Perspective of Digitalisation

Webinar 3: AFT 2020 - Payments: Performance in a low touch economy

Webinar 4: AFT 2020 - Meeting of minds: Developing resilience whilst maintaining vision

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