12 JUL 2019

Aurélie Paul wins the second edition of VIBE Moris®

Her tone of voice and stage performance have conquered the hearts of the jury! Aurélie Paul has won VIBE Moris® 2019, the song contest created and produced by MCB Group. The finals was held this Friday 12th July. Her performance of Oceans by Christafari earned her the first place of the competition.

Aurélie Paul, 26, works as sales rep for a private sector company. Married and residing in Roches Brunes, the young woman has a communicativejoie de vivre. She is passionate about singing, dancing and theatre.

The musical universe is no stranger to her. She started singing in church and currently sings in a band named Kenosis. She also performs with another band, Daysorder, in bars and for events. She has participated in various musicals including Mamma Mia (where she was in the lead role of Sophie), Zozef ek so palto larkansiel, Godspel and in the opera La Traviata.

A show that has conquered Mauritians

Broadcast this year on MBC 1 and MBC Sat every Friday from 17th May to 12th July, VIBE Moris® has resolutely won the hearts of Mauritians. They have vibrated to the rhythm of singers, who have given full measure of their undisputable talent.

This second season, which was hosted by Virginie Gaspard, saw Laura Beg, Jason Heerah and Caroline Jodun as members of the jury.

Building on this success, the MCB Group has, decided to renew the adventure with a third season 3. Registrations for this upcoming season are already open on the Facebook page of VIBE Moris®’s.

A continued commitment to the local economy

In line with its corporate sustainability program, Success Beyond Numbers, MCB Group continues, through VIBE Moris®, to support the local economy. One of the three objectives of this program is to protect and strengthen the cultural and environmental heritage of Mauritius. This also entails encouraging the development of local artists, whether already accomplished or unknown. VIBE Moris® is a platform bringing together singers as well as various professionals who all work, for a period of more than 7 months, on the project.

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