29 SEP 2023

Artificial Intelligence, the Dance of Data and Diligence: A Net Positive


In a world where technology propels progress, AI emerges as a guiding light of innovation, ready to reshape industries and redefine human potential.

AI is no longer confined to the pages of science fiction; it’s a tangible force actively shaping our lives. With each passing day, AI’s reach expands, transcending boundaries and challenging conventional norms.

“AI has emerged as a technological marvel that is reshaping our world in profound ways. With each passing day, AI’s influence expands, touching diverse aspects of our lives, from healthcare to entertainment and finance to transportation, among a few.” – Jean-Michel Félix, CEO MCB Consulting Services Ltd

And with great power comes great responsibility. The ethical considerations of the AI era are paramount, as is the demand for transparency, fairness, and accountability, particularly within data protection. The need for robust governance and stringent privacy safeguards cannot be overstated in a landscape where AI processes vast volumes of data.

Dive into AI’s impact on mainland Africa, the Mauritian financial sector, and the broader consultancy domain. This paper draws on case studies from MCB Consulting and MCB Innovation Lab, and insights from Mrs Drudeisha Madhub, Data Protection Commissioner at the Data Protection Office of Mauritius.

Artificial Intelligence, the Dance of Data and Diligence: A Net Positive

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