Vishwanaden Poinen: The Undisputed Caddie Master

Mar 22, 2022, 09:00 AM by User Not Found
After 21 years of treading the courses as a Caddie Master, Vishwanaden Poinen knows every nook and cranny of Constance Golf Links and Constance Golf Legend.

In 1994, at the age of 29, Vishwanaden joined the Constance Group as a security guard. A die-hard football fan, he never thought golf could be the reason he would step onto a field. However, seven years later, he saw an opening and became a Caddie Master.

"The transition was not easy. I had to get up to speed with this new sport and get to know our regulars. Today, I'm unbeatable at this game. I know all the pros and amateurs, which is essential to assign the right caddie to the right player.”

During the MCB Tour Championship, between 28th of March and the 3rd of April, Vishwanaden has a bunker shot of a feat to pull off – managing a team of around 100 caddies. Everyone’s schedules need to be considered for a reliable, yet flexible and agile roster. "I've helped improve some of the procedures around here. Previously, the caddies would show up at 5:30 am, while the players might not start until 10. Now they can be on stand-by, at home." The Caddie Master will also be sorting out their uniforms, transport and ensuring that all caddies are on their “A” game with the players.

We asked Vishwanaden what legendary opponent he would like to face on the course, if he had the chance. "Roger Chapman... I've played with him before, but I was still a beginner then. That was a lot of pressure! But if I had the chance to play him again, he would be amazed at how much I have improved!”


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