Varna Chuttur, dauntless in the face of any challenge

Jun 1, 2022, 05:00 AM by User Not Found
For Varna Chuttur - Corporate Relationship Manager at MCB Seychelles - MCB's Graduate Programme shaped the trajectory of her banking career. A confident go-getter, she deems herself fortunate to have been a part of the Programme as it pushed her career through a series of pivotal stepping-stones, launching her into a career she is now passionate about.

After completing secondary school in Quatre Bornes, Varna pursued a degree in Banking and International Finance at Bayes Business School in London. Upon visiting Mauritius, her career followed a path of its own as she heard about the MCB Forward Graduate Programme. “I applied in July 2009 and three months later, the decision was made for me – I would not return to London to look for work, as my career began at MCB on 3rd November 2009 as one of the graduates in the Programme.”

The Forward Graduate Programme launched Varna onto an impressive career path, from her initial placement in the Strategic Research and Development department, through to her role as a Relationship Manager in the MCB Select department, while pursuing her master’s degree in Corporate Finance. Thereafter, she joined the Corporate and Institutional Banking SBU as Relationship Manager in the Global Business sector, where she spent four and half years before moving to the Seychelles as a Corporate Relationship Manager.

When asked to explain the impact of the Forward Graduate Programme on her career, Varna described a broad range of benefits which served to stretch her and challenge her outside of her comfort zone. “I was initially quite an introvert, but the Programme transformed me into an extrovert as we were placed in situations where we would have to make presentations to various professionals, including management teams.”

While graduates worked long hours in challenging situations, Varna says it taught them valuable skills that would serve them well throughout their careers. These ranged from teamwork, conflict resolution, time-management, stress-management, communication skills and how to relate and interact with those in management above them. “The most valuable asset I gleaned from the Programme, was the opportunity for networking early on in my career, something I would not have had exposure to, had I joined the bank in the traditional way, straight out of university. I was exposed to various professionals throughout the bank, many of these relationships I still rely on now.”

Varna’s time in the Forward Graduate Programme certainly served her well. Varna is a focused, assertive and confident professional, willing to take on new challenges, always developing herself, staying abreast of the changes in the banking sector, thereby ensuring that she is well-trained, equipped and ready for any opportunity that lays ahead in the ever-evolving banking world. The same opportunities and experiences are available to future graduates who are up for the challenge and willing to absorb and learn from all the Beyond Numbers Graduate Programme has to offer.


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