Thierry Hebraud: The new normal for businesses?

Sep 3, 2020, 09:00 AM by User Not Found
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused exceptional disturbances for corporates who have to cope with business shutdowns or disruptions in supply chains putting considerable pressure on their actual operations and growth prospects.

At MCB, we had to adapt rapidly and proactively to such an unprecedented situation by reorganising our way of working and interacting with customers. Working from home became almost a standard and we succeeded to cover the immediate needs of our customers both local and international. A challenge that we have been able to overcome thanks to the professionalism and the involvement of all the employees of the bank. Kudos to all of them!

This being said, the whole world is exposed to huge challenges that will last for months and years to come, and Africa is no exception. This new environment forces us to adapt quickly and consider new ways of thinking and working. Interestingly, for MCB, this “new normal” is well aligned with our initiative “Success Beyond Numbers” with the different economical, ecological and sanitary imperatives guiding our actions in order to come forward with concrete solutions.

This situation encourages the development of even more adapted and innovative finance structures via agile digitalisation and better Treasury Management or liquidity processes.Together with the support from the shareholders and governments, financial institutions must play their role in order to consolidate this financial assistance. With its solid financial record and years of experience, MCB has the necessary expertise to help our clients to overcome the crisis.

Last but not least, from being the largest local bank in our presence territories, MCB has established itself over the last few years as an active regional banking institution with strong fundamentals with an increased African footprint. The Covid-19 crisis not only has not changed our strategy towards Africa, but has opened new opportunities in various countries that are showing interesting growth prospects. We believe our one-stop shop “Bank of Banks” organization is well adapted to cover and support the various needs of our clients and partners, whether in terms of financing, investment and advice.


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