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Jun 3, 2019, 05:00 AM by User Not Found
MCB has recently launched a forward-thinking Corporate Sustainability Programme, as part of our pledge to ‘lead by example’. Indeed, we will strive to create our success by striking a right balance between the legitimate goal of improving financial performance, while at the same time, better contributing to the development of a vibrant and sustainable local economy, the protection and valorisation of the country’s cultural and environmental heritage, as well as the promotion of individual and collective well-being, as embraced through our new corporate mission, ‘success beyond numbers’.

As such, we will strive to further up the level of our game to consolidate our positioning as your trusted partner to assist and guide you in achieving entrepreneurial success through continuous expert advice and tailor-made solutions that increasingly embed sustainable principles. Amongst others, we will further enhance our role as a trustworthy facilitator to enable you overcome the traditional hurdles you face backed by more innovative services.

In that respect, I am pleased to highlight the successful launch of a ‘Business Introducer Programme’, which will provide the right set-up to facilitate and ease the Business to Business exchanges. In the same breath, we are also working on an Aggregator Platform for SMEs, details of which, will be made available in the periods ahead.

Coming to our offerings, we realise that various businesses cannot move forward with their growth aspirations given working capital constraints. To this end, we outline the range of alternative financing instruments now available to SMEs and entrepreneurs to fulfill their start-up, cash flow and investment needs spanning SME Equity Fund, leasing, factoring and so on.

Moreover, you will find more about our third “Green Loan”, that will soon be available. Last, but certainly not least, we provide snapshots of a few SMEs that we have accompanied and supported in recent times. They realise that being small is no obstacle as they navigate their way forward with agility and confidence.

This is but a taste of what we have for you in this issue.


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