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Nov 22, 2019, 05:00 AM by User Not Found
Our Bank of Banks initiative is a key component of our growth strategy in Africa

Since 2008, the Bank of Banks' value proposition aims at positioning MCB as a regional hub, offering bundled banking and financial industry capabilities to its counterparts. Bankers attending Africa Forward Together (AFT) have the opportunity of gaining first-hand knowledge of MCB’s human expertise and technological capabilities while exploring collaboration possibilities that could allow them to boost their services through outsourcing in Mauritius.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of African banks have teamed up with us to serve their clients better and more efficiently. Some have managed to offer new services to their customers in record times without investing heavily in technology or human resources. Others have discovered opportunities to expand their businesses through intelligent collaboration with one of Africa’s leading financial group. We don’t want to stop here. I know we can do more, go even further together.

“I am confident that your institutions can leverage MCB’s unique position in the region and 180 years’ experience to make things happen. We can learn enormously from each other and together, we can create more value for our customers.”

Instead of opening outlets across the continent and competing with local banks, we prefer to position ourselves as a privileged partner for institutions that want to scale their business to new heights. As Africa gradually fulfils its promises and unveils its enormous potential, the continent’s banks are facing new challenges. I am adamant that we can achieve better results by tackling these challenges together.

Some of you who were present at our Africa Forward Together seminar in September 2019, which regrouped about 30 C-suite professionals from 23 African banking institutions, spoke of your apprehensions, your fear, even, of the Cards business activity and its inherent risks. Through Khevin Seebah and Stephanie Ng Tseung-Yue, respectively CEO of our affiliate company, International Cards Processing Services (ICPS) and Head of Cards, MCB, you will discover the possibilities offered to you to leverage our expertise to rethink your cards business.


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