23 Aug 2023
MCB Rodrigues Scholarship 2023: Hats off to five Scholars

Five scholars have been awarded the MCB Rodrigues Scholarship this year. The official scholarship ceremony occurred on Wednesday, August 23, at the MCB Centre in Port Louis.Adriane Emilien, Geremi Justin Meunier, James Nickurdean Genave, Bibi Shabnam....

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We hear you!

Jun 3, 2019, 04:00 AM by User Not Found
Every now and then, we need to stop and reflect. Such an exercise allows to look at the distance traveled and decide whether we need to change direction or carry on as per the original roadmap. When we undertook this exercise at MCB, we only had a vague idea of where it would lead…
One undisputed conclusion came through our ponderings: That sustainability would be the bedrock of all our actions. If we, MCB, are to go any further in our progress, then our customers, our compatriots, need to prosper with us.

This is where you come in.

For us, sustainability does means that more than ever, we need to support our local economy, become your partners rather than just your banker.

It means that our success depends on YOUR success.

This is hugely ambitious for ourselves. And for you. Because we’re MCB, we’ll not only talk the talk but walk the walk too. Our motto, Success Beyond Numbers is supported by three pillars: our cultural and environmental Heritage, a vibrant and sustainable local economy and the individual and collective well-being.
We have also commissioned Lokal is beautiful, a study on the state of Mauritius’ local economy. Its conclusions reinforced our commitment to turn our local economy into a sustainable industry. We believe that our success, as a credible institution, is not down to figures only. Supporting your business will ensure that its success can continue to be measured WITH numbers. Because when you win, we win, remember?

How do we win together? Connecting the right people when and as needed is part of the solution. You know this more than anybody else: Sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of you and that mountain of possibilities, is meeting the right people.

I am very proud to announce the setting up of a “Business Introducer Programme”, which will facilitate and ease the Business to Business (B2B) exchanges. An Aggregator Platform for SMEs is also in the pipeline. However, let’s not kid ourselves — without adequate working capital, you can’t do much.
In this edition of SME Connect, you will discover innovative financing tools that you may not have been aware of, such as the SME Equity Fund, leasing and factoring. You will also learn more about our “Green Loan” coming soon.

I am confident that many of you will come up with interesting proposals for sustainable development projects. And as always, our expertise will be at your disposal. It’s a rapidly evolving world and our offers will follow the trend.

This is a promise.

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