11 JUN 2024

MCB Rodrigues Scholarship: Three new scholarships awarded


Three students from Rodrigues have been awarded the MCB Rodrigues Scholarship this year. The three lucky fellows are Paul Justin Jean Louis, who studies Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management, Jean Emmanuel Sunglee, who opted for Applied Computing and Elodie Azie, who chose to study law. The youngsters, aged between 19 and 21, will begin their tertiary studies at the University of Mauritius. The official award ceremony took place on Monday, 10 June at the Constance Tekoma Hotel, Rodrigues, in the presence of Thierry Hebraud, CEO of MCB Ltd, who made the trip for the occasion.

Contribute to the evolution of Rodrigues

Rodrigues needs more expertise, and the fellows are well aware of this. Once their tertiary studies are completed, they are determined to contribute to the island's development. Paul Justin Jean Louis, who has chosen the tourism and events sector, aims to welcome and encourage more travellers to visit Rodrigues to contribute to its development and prosperity. “Studying in this sector, understanding sustainable tourism, putting it into practice and promoting it on the island will contribute to the protection of the environment, the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of local communities” explains the 21-year-old. Elodie Azie, the youngest of the 19-year-old scholars, finds this scholarship a great opportunity: "These studies will allow me to get closer to my goals and I made this choice to contribute to the development of the judiciary in Rodrigues." 

MCBRS is a family story for the Sunglee

Jean Emmanuel Sunglee, the youngest of four children, was inspired by his brother, a MCB Rodrigues Scholarship recipient in 2016. According to the young man, Jean Emmanuel chose Applied Computing because «Rodrigues needs to evolve in this sector, and I would like to make certain services, like transport, more efficient. »




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