15 MAY 2024

Deba Klima Sezon 2 : Let committed and passionate young people do the talking!


Deba Klima, a competition focused on the fight against climate change and its challenges, returns for a second edition.The debates will be broadcast from Saturday, May 18, on MBC 2 and MBC Sat from 8:30 p.m. The Deba Klima, which aims to raise awareness and integrate Mauritian youth around the crucial issues related to climate change, is an MCB Group and a Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre initiative, in collaboration with Dr. François Gemenne, a  renowned specialist in environmental geopolitics and migration. This year, 45 colleges registered to emulate the Forest Side SSS (Girls), the grand winners of the first edition. 

Great interest in climate issues

After a first edition that kept all its promises last year, the Deba Klima returns for a Sezon 2. This year, again, college students across the country have responded positively to the call of the contest organizers. Through their participation, they showed a keen interest in the issues and problems posed by climate change while reflecting on possible solutions. Following a pre-selection exercise, 16 colleges were qualified for the round of 16. For each debate, two colleges will compete on the same theme focused on climate change, one in favour of the problem posed and the other against.

Who will succeed the Forest Side SSS (Girls)?

In the round of 16, two colleges will compete on the same theme focused on climate change. One must present arguments in favour of the problem, and the other must oppose it. Bon and Perpétuel Secours will face St Joseph College, Dr Maurice Curé will oppose Curepipe College, Doha College will compete against Loreto College Quatre Bornes, while QEC will be against Bel Air SSS. In this same contest, the Adolphe de Plevitz SSS will oppose the college Notre Dame, the finalist of last year, Royal College Curepipe will face Sookdeo Bissoondoyal College, while Royal College Port Louis will face GMD Atchia State College and MGI SS Solferino will challenge the Forest Side SSS Boys.

Debates in kreol

Participants will come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and propose innovative solutions to address this global crisis and are called upon to conduct research and debate on a specific theme, in kreol, to allow as many people as possible to fully understand the challenges of climate change. Several themes will be on the agenda: “ Bizin fer kalkil lemision Greenhouse gas par kantite dimounn, pa par pei », or « Sak dimounn bizin gagn enn kota karbonn . "

The Jury

The competition is hosted by the popular artist La Nikita and the jury, who will have the difficult task of deciding the teams this year, is composed of Johanne Hague, lawyer, Kan Chan Kin, MSK, artist Victoria Desvaux de Marigny, specialist in circular economy, Stéphane Lebon, Corporate Sustainability Manager at MCB, and Sookdeo Rungoo, RGSC Manager Education. The jury’s decision will be based on the relevance of their arguments and by evaluating the candidates' fluency at debating.

Attractive prices

The Deba Klima winners , three students, and one teacher, will be entitled to an eco-discovery trip to Rodrigues during the next school holidays. The students of the winning team will   scoop vouchers of Rs 30,000 each, and their teacher will win a voucher of Rs 6,000. The runner-up will get gifts worth Rs 15,000 per student, while the semi-finalists will receive gifts worth Rs 8,000.

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