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At MCB Group, we believe that growth must be wholesome and that wealth is not just financial. That’s why our contribution to a dynamic local economy is as significant as promoting and protecting our cultural and environmental heritage.

In this year’s annual reports, we honour our corporate sustainability engagement, Success Beyond Numbers, by reproducing some pieces of artwork that were entered in the Samudra art competition held earlier this year and that we co-sponsored.

The featured works have been chosen for their ability to fit in the publications’ format and withstand close-ups. Yet it is a very small part of a significant number of remarkable entries to the competition, the diversity of which speaks volumes about the thirst for artistic expression and the talent of our people. Its wealth demonstrates the extent to which the marine environment inspires artists to create art using different forms and mediums.

This is a celebration of our marine environment, an essential part of our collective identity, of local talent and of the crucial role that artistic expression needs to have in society for it to prosper.

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